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All About You with Gina Maron

Jun 4, 2019

We all seek to feel and experience love. Both self-love and the love of those who surround us are imperative to leading a life with a wide open heart. In my life, I’ve come in contact with several outstanding women that truly understand the depth of this feeling as a powerful tool to navigate through the heart mind. Together, Nikki and I dive into the abyss of love and explored all of its forms. 


Love is a basic need and when we have a full love vessel we are at our prime creatively, overflowing into all areas of our lives.  Love and sex. Familial love. Platonic love. Love for our pets. Love of nature. Love of chocolate. Love of travel. Love for food.  The list goes on and on, for every one of us. There are countless ways to give and receive love.   Do you give yourself permission to let love in, even if you’ve been wounded by it?  Do you live in love or live in fear? 


I love this conversation with Nikki because of how transparent we were able to be with our own journeys and the trials and tribulations that we faced in relation to love. We discuss far beyond a simple romantic ‘I love you’ or any of the traditional expressions of the feeling. Seeing it from a new perspective offers you the opportunity to pinpoint the lessons that loving relationships are able to gift us. Our hearts are tender and fragile, but they are intended to heal and learn to set healthy boundaries. To honor the heart will set you up for the growth and expansion we all search for.

Dr. Nikki Starr is a Medical Doctor turned transformational coach, healer, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur.  She creates programs and facilitates classes that help you look within and connect with your deeper self.  Always guided with love! 

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